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Research shows that children are born learning. This innate ability provides teaching opportunities each day for parents and those that care for children. Check out our child development calendar with information about growth and development for children from birth to age 5. Click on each of the age ranges below for correlating tips, development information and more!

0 to 2 Months
3 to 4 Months
5 to 6 Months
7 to 9 Months
10 to 12 Months
13 to 15 Months
16 to 18 Months
1 ½ to 2 Years
2 ½ Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years

For more fantastic information your child’s development, including a milestone tracker and other helpful materials, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website by clicking here.

Vroom Brain-Building and Child Development

Vroom was created to help give you effective, easy ways to promote learning by making the most of the moments you already share with your child. Download the app today and learn how you can be your child’s brain-builder by visiting the Vroom® website at

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How You Can Help Your Crying Baby

Babies can cry a lot. Crying is the only way that they are able to tell you what they need. They are not crying to be disobedient. They are simply too young to understand your words. When babies cry, they are sending you a message that they are either hungry, sleepy, need a diaper change or they are just uncomfortable. Learn more about the reasons babies may cry, ways you can help and how to cope by clicking here and visiting the Period of Purple Crying® website at

Safe Sleep

Babies under the age of 1 are safest when they sleep alone, on their back and in a crib (ABC)Click here to view a list of safe sleep tips. You can also click here to watch a video and learn more about how to keep your infant safe while sleeping. Visit the Safe Sleep Kansas website for more great information at

School Readiness

Numerous studies have shown that 90 percent of child's brain development occurs before the age of 5. By making early childhood education available to all children, we take advantage of a crucial period in their development.

Studies show that high-quality early childhood programs are the BEST way to support improved academic outcomes in K-12 education. Children who attend early childhood programs are far more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn, read at grade level by third grade, and graduate from high school and even college.

We offer programs and services to child care programs to help increase the quality of the care and education they provide for children. To learn more about these services and how your child care program can enroll, click here.

If you are a family that provides child care at home but is interested in finding a part-time preschool to enhance your child’s learning potential, click here to learn about what to look for in a preschool program. If you are ready to search for a preschool program that fits your family’s needs, call 785-357-5171 or 1-877-678-2548 toll free to speak with a Resource Specialist. You can also click here to perform your own online child care search.